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Kaghaz House

Smart Ivy Pet Planter

Smart Ivy Pet Planter

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Engineered with state-of-the-art AI technology, this innovative plant care system boasts an embedded chip that intelligently monitors water levels, light exposure, and ambient temperature, ensuring your plants thrive in optimal conditions.


Seamlessly integrate it into your smart home setup with compatibility across leading platforms such as Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa, empowering you to interact with your greenery in ways never imagined before.




  • AI & Gesture Interaction: Ivy utilizes AI and gesture interaction, offering 49+ animations to express emotions and develop a unique personality.


  • The innovation of plant maintenance: This state-of-the-art plant care system utilizes advanced AI technology and an embedded chip to intelligently monitor water levels, light exposure, and ambient temperature


  • Intelligent Flower Pot : Inspired by the notion of plants as pet animals, Ivy seeks to revolutionize gargening. It serves as a unique gift option, surprising recipients with a novel experience.


  • Electronic Pet Experience: Ivy provides companionship like a real pet, promoting healing and tranquility surpassing regular flowerpots. 


    • Waterproof & Portable: Ivy boasts a waterproof, durable design, with compact dimensions and lightweight build for easy portability. It is optimized for long-term charging

    Who Is It best for ?

    *Those who view their plants as companions, seeking a sense of peace and friendship from their greenery.


    *Technology enthusiasts intrigued by the integration of advanced technology and artificial intelligence into everyday life.


    *who are passionate about nurturing their indoor greenery but seek a convenient and intelligent solution.


    *Those in search of a memorable and unique gift option, offering an innovative and thoughtful experience for their loved ones.

    Product's warranty and satisfaction 

    We take pride in the quality and performance of our products. To ensure your peace of mind, Kaghaz House's Ivy smart offers a 30-day refund policy and  one-year warranty, covering any defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.

    How It Is work ?


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    Frequently asked questions

    What is Smart Plant Planter?

    Smart Plant Ivy is an advanced plant care solution equipped with an AI chip for automatic water, light, and temperature detection.

    It offers 70+ expressions and seamless integration with popular smart home platforms like Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa.

    Can I customize the Smart Plant's settings?

    Yes, you can customise the settings and expressions for your plants through our user-friendly app, allowing you to meet your plants' unique needs with the built-in plant selector. The app offers further customisation options, such as displaying photos, activating sleep mode, and adjusting various other settings to enhance your Smart Plant Ivy experience.

    Is It compatible with my Smart Home Ecosystem?

    Yes, Smart Plant seamlessly integrates with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa for convenient control and monitoring. It's also possible to use the Tuya Smart App.

    What's in the package?

    The Smart Plant package comes complete with main device, a flower pot, a USB-C charging cable.

    Do I need to water the plant manually?

    It will notify you when it needs water and how much it requires, both through its facial expressions and our Tuya Smart App.

    It automatically absorbs water from its tank, but it only supports adding water to the reservoir, not watering directly into the soil.

    Does it receive software updates?

    Yes, It regularly receives OTA software updates every few weeks to ensure optimal performance and introduce new features. Additionally, special updates are rolled out during festive occasions like Halloween and Christmas to add unique expressions to it.

    What kind of plants can I grow with Smart Plant Planter?

    Smart Plant seamlessly adapts to a wide variety of plants through its intelligent water reservoir system, empowered by AI. Although our app officially supports over 40 plant types, you're free to grow any real plant in yours.

    Our AI technology ensures It adjusts to meet the specific needs of any plant you choose, promoting a healthy growth environment.

    What changes the expressions of the Smart Plant , apart from touch?

    It's expressions are based on a complex behavior model called the behavior tree (BT).

    It responds to touch and environmental changes, bringing out expressions based on its behavior tree.

    Why Kaghaz House ?

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